Sopra Steria at the Paris Air Show 2023


Sopra Steria is delighted to welcome you again at the Paris Air Show! After a four-year gap, we know the expectations are sky high for this 54th Edition. That's why we are putting together a comprehensive programme at our chalet 188 that is sure to surprise and amaze! ​

We want to use this event to inspire you and demonstrate how digital technology can allow you to go further and overcome your challenges. ​

Our experts will highlight our latest projects across a wide range of domains including simulation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more. Let's discuss your most forward-thinking business ambitions and programmes! 


Key figures

  • 3 Focus areas to take you through a unique experience
  • 40+​ demonstrations to answer to your challenges
  • 10​+ conferences to share about business oriented thematics
  • 90+​ experts to meet in our chalet
Looking forward to seeing you there!​

Watch our teaser​

Focus areas

The Paris Air Show is where we can share our latest insight, solutions and vision for the digital future. Aerospace and defense now faces critical challenges and we are certain that the key to thriving in this era is to combine human know-how with cutting-edge technology. Let's soar to new heights together!​

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