Aeroline Demonstrations

Decarbonisation, enhancing flexibility and performance, and increasing the pace of production; the challenges facing the aerospace sector are many, and so too are the opportunities. Aeroline, Sopra Steria’s dedicated division focused on the aerospace industry, partners with key industry majors to leverage the power of digital technologies.

Our business-oriented demos​

Aeroline is committed to pioneering sustainable digital solutions and contributes to the collective challenge of building a sustainable aeronautics industry thanks to its “Aeroline Zero Emission” Programme. We are convinced that digital is a key accelerator to support aviation's decarbonisation and we are determined to make an impact on this ambitious journey.

  • Corner 1: We demonstrate how we can facilitate decision-making in the aerospace sector, help align stakeholders on future developments, and agree on an overall trajectory for decarbonised aviation. New collaboration models between industrial and academic scientists are on the launchpad!
  • Corner 2: We demonstrate how companies can move from impulsive, knee-jerk digital technology purchases to more measured, strategic and intelligent adoption of digital solutions which enable them to reduce the carbon emissions of their business processes.


Our virtual product demonstration shows how end-to-end PLM solutions can help organisations understand, measure, and analyse how their product design, methods of production, and supply chain choices influence their organisation’s carbon footprint and impact the environment.

  • Product Configuration Management: Product Configuration Management founded on a model-based approach to better follow product evolution and ensure better traceability thanks to digital continuity.
  • DMU web client: Easy-to-use cloud technology facilitates all stakeholders’ enhanced collaboration and digital continuity at all management levels. With this DMU management, we can reduce the impact of physical demonstrators and test different scenarios with reduced environmental impact.


The PM&T Cockpit is a complete integration platform offering the possibility to navigate seamlessly through business processes, data and services, including their applicable tools, trainings and methods. The tool is built on top of an Enterprise Architecture framework which combines Business Process Management (BPM) and Master Data Management (MDM) modeling.

  • SkyReal: Our vision of the extended PLM or Industrial Metaverse; testing and modifying as early as possible.
  • PMT Cockpit: Reduce onboarding times and identify weaknesses in the overall value chain.


Let’s see how the End-to-End Supply Chain and Manufacturing Digital Twins can better support the aeronautic industry and allow it to see further into the future and better anticipate new developments.

  • Live Digital VSM & Simulation Flow: Digital twins to monitor your continuous improvement and simulate a refit of a plant or supply chain, e.g. to boost sustainability.
  • Hera-X and AI for Supply Chain: A solution leveraging AI to secure and improve supply chain Resilience & Sustainability, running on a platform which provides a complete set of features to allow decentralisation, trust, data sovereignty, data portability and openness. Fully compliant with Gaia-X principles it could be reused and adapted to customer needs.


Customer centricity, new business models built on increasing and developing new services; these are the pillars of customer service.

  • Aero-Webb: The cutting-edge solution used to support the military fleet. We offer optimized maintenance planning and secure maintenance operations through our own Maintenance Management Solutions Suite.
  • Training Platform – OLATU: Supporting fleet ramp-ups across the world and the ever-increasing demand for qualified maintenance and flight operations staff.


Maintenance Information Systems (MIS) are a concrete example of how technology can help aircraft fleet operators control their operations and improve performance.

Managing aircraft maintenance has become an increasingly complex task as technology has advanced in the aviation industry. Mechanics can no longer keep track of all aspects of aircraft maintenance manually, which is where aircraft Maintenance Information Systems come in. These digital systems allow companies to effectively manage the maintenance of their fleet or equipment and parts.


Let our ATM experts guide you into the future with demonstrations of artificial intelligence and digital services to enable a sustainable Digital European Sky.

  • Sustainable Aviation: This demonstration is designed to assess the impact of sustainability on the aviation network and the environmental performance of contrail avoidance strategies based on artificial intelligence.
  • Drone Operation: We will show how safe, secure and sustainable drone integration can be supported using noise and visual pollution impact modelling and data collaboration platforms.