Defense & Security Demonstrations

Amid increased strategic competition and faced with open or latent conflicts, our challenge is to provide the armed forces with superior analysis, anticipation, decision-making and coordination capabilities at the national and inter-allied levels.

The ability to assess a situation and the accuracy of information available to commanders are critical to decision-making amid the "fog of war". Use data and digital technology to accelerate decision-making in operations.

Our business-oriented demos​

DTS : Digital Tactical Sandbox
3D collaborative tool, dual civil and military use for planning and command

Capacity simulation
Architecture simulation for air command of the future


Joint Command Demonstrator
SIA system Use case illustrating a high-intensity air scenario

Military space command demonstrator
Digital twin for space monitoring


Digital continuity platform
Automation and supervision of exchange flows between a logistics information system and an industrial system


MACTAN OPS presentation
Security information and event management in restricted and mobile environments

Demonstration of the SATANALIZE software gateway
Securing spatial data in probe mode