Defense & Security

Enabling armed forces’ superiority

As a true "force multiplier", digital technology has a major role to play in the current context, marked by multiple, hybrid and high-intensity engagements.

Information superiority is a decisive advantage for gaining and maintaining the initiative in operations. Throughout the chain of command, it enables us to plan, prepare and conduct an operation with a head start.

In intelligence, command and control of operations, anti-aircraft and anti-drone warfare, equipment maintenance and logistics, fighter support and, of course, cyber defense, the role of digital technology is irreplaceable." 
Laurent Giovachini, Sopra Steria Deputy Managing Director

We capitalise on our closeness to customers and our expertise, combined with our capacity for innovation, to strengthen staff efficiency, making their connections more fluid, thus contributing to success in joint operations.

We provide military, justice, or homeland security forces, proven end-to-end digital solutions capable of integrating innovation in the following areas:

  • Force readiness and simulation
  • Command and Control
  • Logistics support and digital continuity
  • Cyber defense and intelligence
  • Identity management
  • Immigration and Border Control
  • Law Enforcement
  • Road safety
  • Justice


Expert voice's

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